Tuesday, June 06, 2006

uTorrent VS ClearWire

Ok, CableOne was killer for torrenting. Testing out clearwire now. They used to not block the default port of uTorrent ( 32459) - however now they do. So I have found that using port 3000, setting Protocol Encryption to "endabled" , "UPnP port mapping "unchecked" and "allow incoming legacy" checked = work pretty good on Clearwire. Not like CableOne.. nor is there any NNTP... but it's ok.

Be sure to only be using one PC per one port on the netowrk. (HTPC is port 3300, gaming PC is port 3000 etc)

I'll keep testing and update this when I find anything new.
If anybody els has some experiance with torrent and clearwire.. let me know.

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