Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The ClearWire truth.

Is Clearwire good for gaming online?
A. No. It's accually quite slow since Jan 1 06. Since this date the company decided to throttle connection speeds which made a huge impact on online gaming.

Is Clearwire good for bittorrent or P2P app's?
A. No. Since Jan 1 06, Clearwire decided to block many (or all) P2P and torrent ports on there end. This means you cannot download the latest linux distro torrents. You can get around the port's by changing the torrent ports - but this only helps minimally. (see question 1).

Is Clearwire unlimited bandwidth monthly?
A. No. Clearwire decided to limit each client to 200GB a month data usage. Now, for most this wont be a problem (it's not like you can use torrents, or use that amount in a month because it's too slow)

Who is Clearwire good for?
A. Clearwire is good for the small family or the individuals who want to be "mobile" and doesn't care about online gaming or P2P applications. It's "fast" for - email, web surfing, photo sharing, site building etc. However I did have issues with FTP'n. The concept and ease is great for Clearwire, just not for the "g33k".

Does Clearwire offer any NNTP?
A. lol

I have detached my Cable to test Clearwire at my house for a week.. I'm a power user and gamer. Back to a non-restrictive fat pipe for me.


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