Friday, August 06, 2010

Jailbreaking i-Devices

Break in, do it.
DO NOT upgrade to 4.0.2 - or this wont work.
(read below for iphone4 with 4.1 - how too)

It appears the media has made it a big "to-do" that it is now legal to jailbreak your iphone. Don't get me wrong, it's a great achievement by the EFF and open community. This news however doesn't really apply to us who do jailbreaking because it has always been "our device" to do what we wish with it anyways.

Whether or not you think you need somebody to allow you to do something to something you bought, jailbreaking is something everyone should do. There is no reason not to at this point and there has never been an issue in jailbreaking iphones. Even at the worst case scenario, something goes wrong and your phone wont boot, all you have to do is plug it into iTunes and do a restore. It's just software, so it can be cleaned as a new device at anytime.

The other issue in jailbreaking an iphone that you WILL have to deal with is the fact that Apple puts out new software versions of the iPhone OS (right now we are at 4.0.1 of iOS). After you jailbreak 4.0.1, you will not be able to upgrade to "4.1" unless you are willing to do a restore and start over. Also, I wouldn't upgrade until the new "4.1" has a jailbreak out and has been hacked. So starting over is really the biggest annoyance of jailbreaking each time there is a new version of the iOS. However, I typically don't upgrade to every update. You have that choice of not doing it. I look at the changes in each new version and make a judgment call to see if it's going to be worth it - ' are these new changes good enough to justify me starting over?'. Typically no. However right now if they have a fix for the proximity sensor, that would be worth re-jailbreaking.

With that out of the way. Why would you jailbreak? How do you jailbreak?

As of right now, any iphone, iPad, Touch can be jailbroken by opening Safari and going to . Just swipe the bar and let it do it's magic. It will take a bit and will reboot your device. Once done, you will notice a new icon on your springboard. Cydia.
Cydia is basically like the iTunes store, with free and paid apps.
Inside of Cydia, I like to go to "manage", "sources". In sources, do Edit, Add. I'll add the new repository:
Once added do a search for AppSync for OS 4.0.(or 4.1) I'll install this so basically I can "try before I buy apps". I do buy the apps that I use. However, I'm not going to give TomTom $50 without trying it first. For finding apps, there's an appCake for that.

NEW: For iphone4 with 4.1 software:

Other apps inside of Cydia that are worth buying/getting:
- 3G Unrestrictor. ($1.99) This app allows you to trick a list of apps to make them think your always on Wifi and not 3G - such as FaceTime, Skype, Pandora, YouTube, etc.
- MyWi. ($19.99) This app allows me to tether my iphone and make a wifi hotspot for the laptop. I'm glad AT&T allows tethering now, but they want way to much for yet another internet connection when I'm already paying $30 a month for "unlimited". I justify myself as being in the right.
- flashlight. (free) If you have an iphone4, just buy the $0.99 app on the app store that allows you to use the LED. But if your on a 3G/3GS, get the flashlight app on Cydia. No screen flashlight app in the app store allows the LCD screen to be very bright. However this one is Cydia is VERY bright and free.
- Poof. (free) This app allows you to hide those annoying apps that Apple doen't let you get rid of from the springboard. ('Stocks' for instance).
- GV Mobile. (free) This is basically Google Voice app. Works very slick

If you buy any app from Cydia (or Rock, which is like Cydia), you can come back after another jailbreak and login to re-acquire these apps. No worries.

Typically I stay away from "themes". If you going to break your phone and have to do a restore, it's most likely going to be from themes or large GUI changes.

Have fun.
Right now my iphone4 can do FaceTime over 3G, used as a wifi hotspot for laptops/iPads, try before I buy, native google voice, skype over 3G, etc. It just feels like MY phone again.


4.0.2 just came out today. The only thing is does, is kill this happiness. Don't do it.
Same with your iPad, don't go to 3.2.2.

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