Sunday, May 14, 2006

Global SMTP

I was tired of trying to send mail from Thunderbird and not being able too unless I was on a "cableone" connection.
So, now I use my free Gmail SMTP server. Now it doesn't matter anymore.
TSL auth.
port 587

But now there is a new problem. Google changes the "reply too" to your Gmail account. So everybody who gets my mail replays to the gmail one. So... To fix this issue.::

Log onto At the top choose "settings", "Accounts".
Choose "add another email address". Here add your proper address (burke AT . Then under that click on " Specify a different "reply-to" address"
Add that same address there. They will then send you a conformation email to verify that is you. Do that - your done.

This email was used with these settings.
Hope this helps, I know I needed it.


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