Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Online Scams.

If your a geek of any caliber - it's easy to spot online scams of "Fixing your PC software". We are tired of having our clients tricked into these cheesy-no-talent-scams setup by con-artists. Take "WinFixer" for instance. WinFixer IS spyware itself. Why would anybody pay actually money for "cleaning" software when the absolute best is totally free?
Take StopSign Antivirus - another horrid piece of software. I actually installed this for testing purposes - ran spybot and ad-aware (the real cleaners us geeks bet our asses on) and found tons of spyware. They called me and asked me how I liked it.. Needless to say after manually fixing my WinSock - I'd never recommended it.
Why do you think I'd never put Google ads on this web page or my software webapge? - Due to n00bish software being linked from MY page - would never happen unless it's this post. Any website that dosn't take care to see who they are really linking too is just as bad as the cheesy software maker.

Not as bad is Norton. I actually un-install Norton from clients machines daily (then educate). After using NOD32 or AVG and pulling tons of Worms, Trojans and Spyware - what is Norton really doing? Just scamming I can promise. If I don't hear anything from Symantec - I will start carbon coping my work orders and showing everybody what it's really worth. This has been going on for a couple years now.

Start designing REAL software - or you will fail.

If you need GOOD software - check out the list.


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